Ongoing research efforts

Multiple research scientists are tackling COVID-19 from different angles. Follow these links to know more about them!

  • COVID-19 Sounds: (University of Cambridge & Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (Cachet))

  • Delphi: (University of Helsinki, University of Oulu)

    • To understand how self-isolation and restrictions on movement may be impacting people’s mental health and wellbeing

  • Fab Labs - worldwide: (Fab Lab Oulu, Fab Lab Yli II, Aalto Fab Lab, Fab Lab Raseko, Aalto Design Factory, LUT J. Hyneman Center, Fab Lab Koklaamo Hintta, Busines Asema Fab Lab)

    • Fab Labs all around the world and other makerspaces are joining forces to support healthcare professionals providing solutions for some of their most urgent needs. Masks, Anti-split shields, spare parts for healthcare equipment and even emergency ventilators are being built all around the world.

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