International Team

Denzil Ferreira

Associate Professor, Academy of Finland Research Fellow. His research interests are on technology-driven human behavior sensing and modeling, juxtaposing methods from large-scale data analysis, sensor instrumentation, applied machine learning, mobile and ubiquitous computing to understand and study a variety of human behavioral and social phenomena in naturalistic settings.


Yuuki Nishiyama

Research Associate at Institute of Industrial Science in The University of Tokyo, Japan. Received M.S.(2014) and Ph.D. in Media and Governance (2017) from Keio University in Japan, respectively. His research interests include ubiquitous computing systems, mobile and wearable sensing platform, and human ability augmentation.


Eija Ferreira

Postdoctoral researcher in the DataAI research group at the University of Oulu. Her research lies in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, human-computer interaction, and ubiquitous computing, especially focusing on model selection and data quality assessment for sensor data.


Kennedy Opoku Asare

Ongoing PhD researcher that investigates the early detection and progression of depression, leveraging human behavior modeling with applied machine learning, smartphone and wearable sensor instrumentation. MSc in CSE from the University of Oulu, Finland and BSc in CS from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.


Isaac Moshe

Isaac graduated with a 1st Class MA in Psychology from The University of Edinburgh in 2004. He has spent the past 15 years in industry where he founded the global digital marketing agency, Parlay, and online education platform, Academize. In 2019, Isaac began a PhD at the University of Helsinki, researching the application of technology in the prediction and personalization of treatments for mental disorders.


Eran Toch

Eran is a faculty member of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. He is the co-director of the IWiT (Interacting with Technoloy Lab), as well as the head of the undergraduate program. The IWiT Lab is working on usable privacy and security, large-scale analysis of interactive behavior, and mobile computing. The research group is currently running several projects funded by agencies such as the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF), DARPA, European Union Horizon 2020 Program, and Israel Ministry of Science. Recently, Eran was a visiting Associate Professor at Cornell Tech University.


Center for Ubiquitous Computing

In no particular order, we have our wonderful team at UBICOMP who have helped testing, translating Encounter: Simo Hosio, Panos Kostakos, Abhinay Pandya, Arash Sattari, Georgi Georgiev, Marta Cortes, Babar Chaudary, Anna LaValle, Aku Visuri, Ivan Sanchez, Tri Nguyen, Valerii Kan, Ekaterina Gilman

Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group

BISG conducts internationally acknowledged multidisciplinary research in the areas of Data Analysis, Robotics, Secure Programming, and Bio-IT. The application areas of our research include optimization of industrial manufacturing processes, industry 4.0, health and wellbeing systems, environmental monitoring with mobile robots, dependable Internet of things (IoT), and seamless artificial-natural systems.


The Interactive Technologies Institute of LARSyS is a research unit of Instituto Superior TĂ©cnico of the U. Lisbon dedicated to the interdisciplinary field of HCI. With our focus on user needs, tasks, experiences and social and political contexts is well suited to address a new breed of socio-technical systems that combines emerging technologies with the underlying cultural and social fabric.